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Welcome to Almotecnica

From the project to the object through the quality

Almotecnica is a firm operating in the industrial sector of steel structures, metallic parts sandblasting and coating, and electromechanical constructions.
The Firm was established in 1966 and thanks to the twenty-year professional experience of its promoting partners in the field of mechanical constructions, it can be considered now as a modernly organized firm able to meet the most demanding customers requirements..

Since its establishment the Almotecnica was given a light and flexible structure able to turn, in a very short time, into the production of various kinds (light and heavy) of steel structures, mechanical and electromechanical products, from the single piece to the volume manufacturing, always guaranteeing high quality standard and punctuality in delivery.

Almotecnica can be considered as an advanced firm and thanks to its staff high professional competence is is becoming more and more conpetitive on the market.
At present Almotecnica is enough to send a technical project via e-mail or fax to get a mechanical part realized.