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carpenterie per trasformatori, carpenterie metaliche, costruzioni elettromeccaniche, sabbiature e  veniciature

Almotecnica Italian metal carpentry is specialized in a particular market segment: the production of casings for electrical transformers to be installed in power plants and industrial plants.

This type of product requires particular attention in all stages of processing, extreme accuracy and precision to ensure performance and maximum resistance to corrosion and extreme climatic conditions.

Almotecnica Quality

Each product made by Almotecnica, before its delivery, undergoes a series of strict controls that guarantee maximum reliability.

The stages of processing

  • Project

  • Order metal sheets suitable for the project

  • Roughing, bending and drilling of sheet metal

  • Assemblaggio

  • Welding of details

  • Watertight test

  • Sandblasting to eliminate encrustations

  • Painting

  • Warehouse storage pending collection

Main control tools

  • Calibers from 0 - 200 mm

  • Micrometer from 0 - 50 mm

  • Thickness for paint control from 0 - 350 micron

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